Valley Farms Hearty Delight Wild Bird Food

Valley Farms® Hearty Delight Blend

No shells, no waste, absolutely no clean up!

Our Hearty Delight wild bird food blend is perfect for bird lovers who want an abundance of various song bird species with absolutely no waste.  A blend of sunflower hearts and chips in various sizes, specially hulled white millet, peanut hearts, Nyjer seed and cracked corn are all vacuum cleaned for a clean, filler-free product.

Ingredient description: 

Know as sunflower hearts or sunflower chips, these seeds are a superior source of fat, fiber, protein, and vitamins, providing excellent nutrition for all birds. Even small birds like the finch can feed on this type of sunflower being that there is no hard shell to break open. This conserves their energy, especially important in the cold winter months. Also, the consumer is not paying for the weight of sunflower shells which will only be discarded by the birds.

White millet is a favorite with ground-feeding birds including quails, native American sparrows, doves, towhees, juncos, and cardinals. Hulled white millet provides essential nutrition to backyard birds such as vitamin B, protein, and magnesium.

Peanut Hearts: 

Because peanuts are high in fat, they are an excellent source of energy and calories, especially during cold winters, and they're ideal for birds to tuck away and store for another day. No matter what types of peanuts or peanut products you feed your backyard birds, you’re actually offering them a very nutritional treat.

While cracked corn does not have a high oil percentage, it is rich in both protein and fiber and is an excellent supplemental food.

Hearty Delight is one of our most popular wild bird food blends. 

Valley Farms® Hearty Delight 

Bird Preference 

  • American goldfinches
  • Black-capped chickadees
  • Black-headed grosbeaks
  • Cardinals
  • Carolina wrens
  • Chickadee
  • Downy woodpeckers
  • Eastern Towhees
  • Hairy woodpeckers
  • House finches
  • Indigo Buntings
  • Mourning doves
  • Pine grosbeaks
  • Pine siskins
  • Pyrrhuloxia
  • Red-bellied woodpeckers
  • Red-breasted nuthatches
  • Scarlet Tanagers
  • Thrushes
  • Spotted Towhees
  • Tufted titmice
  • White-breasted nuthatches
  • White-throated sparrows

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