Valley Farms White Millet Wild Bird Food

Did you know that White Proso Millet is a great source of B vitamins and calcium? This under-appreciated grain is a fantastic nutritional value for wild birds. Containing 12 percent protein, 8 percent fiber, and magnesium, wild birds will readily consume it. Many wild bird enthusiasts will purchase straight millet as an effective, viable, and economical way to attract tonnes of backyard activity to feeders. Wrens, Juncos Towhees, Finches Indigo buntings, mourning doves, Cardinals, Pine Siskins, Tanagers and other types of wild birds will eat this stable grain. Many types of feeders will accommodate White Millet except for mesh feeders and really small ones designed only for Nyjer seed. This product come very clean as all of Valley Farms wild bird food will.

Nutrional yet economical method to great wild bird feeding! This grain is packed with health benefits for you backyard flyers. Sparrow, Finches, Wrens, Juncos, Doves, and more will readily eat White Proso Millet. An underrated value, bird enthusiasts know that wild birds love millet. Try this straight grain on your next wild bird experience to be pleasantly surprised!

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