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Wild Bird Food - Straight Seed

Valley Farms Whole Peanuts Wild Bird Food

Valley Farms Whole Peanuts Wild Bird Food

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Peanuts in Shells are fresh from Valley Farms and readily consumed by many wild birds. Woodpeckers, Blue Jays, Squirrels, and many other species of wild birds will crack the shell open or store peanuts. The intelligent Blue Jay are among it's greatest fans. They will mimick the hawk call to monitor the area for predator birds. This makes it a bit more safe for smaller wild birds to start feeding there. Nuthatch will also grab these up for a meal. The afforable choice compared with peanut kernels or hearts, peanuts in shell will be less likely to rot since they have the protection of shells. Always keep a good storage container or condition with no direct sunlight, low humidity, and cool temperatures.



Watch woodpeckers, Doves, Jays, Grackle, Chickadee and other wild life love Whole Peanuts in shells. Some animals can store these for cold weather use. Extremely nutritious food with high protein and fiber. Blue Jays are going to love visiting your yard if you put Peanuts in Shells out! It's a great alternative and stores better than open peanut kernels. Use ideal conditions for storage.
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