Valley Farms Chickadee Mix

The Chickadee is a bird EVERYONE wants at their feeders. Like no other bird, the brave chickadee will investigate new food sources and alert all birds in the area to the location of food. If you have a chickadee at your feeder, it won’t be long before it is full of activity.

Valley Farms Chickadee Mix is specially designed with chickadee and titmouses in mind. It’s full of clean ingredients like peanuts and sunflower hearts that they love! As with all Valley Farms Seed, Chickadee Mix is vacuum cleaned so you aren’t paying for dust and debris.

The Valley Farms Chickadee Mix includes sunflower hearts, peanuts, striped sunflower seed, black oil sunflower seed, and assorted tree nuts.

Manufacturer SKU: BFCHD03X2

UPC: 047961227039