Valley Farms Nyjer Seed Wild Bird Food

Nyjer Seed is a great nutritional value for small birds and medium size alike. It has 35% fat, 18% protein, 18% fiber, 12% sugars, and only 12% moisture. This is popular as a winter bird food as birds need more oil and calorie intake as a way they can store fat for winter survival. Sometimes, in the late summer or fall as many flowers naturally offer birds great foraging opportunities and Nyjer seed won't be consumed as much during this period. Fall will see many Finches and Pine Siskin back on the feeders for this highly favored seed source. The properties in Nyjer seed (not Thistle) support good overall health for wild birds. This seed is sterilized as it sprouts quite easily and threatens native plant live. This seed comes mostly from India or places in Africa such as Kenya. Finches, Pine Siskin, and Repoll all readily consume this hearty black seed.

Valley Farms incorporates this vital seed into many blends like Hearty Delight, Super Deluxe, and Wild Finch Mix. 



Nyjer seed is readily eaten by Finches, Pine Siskin, Redpoll and other great wild birds. Most small-billed birds prefer this oil-type black seed. Add a platform beneath feeders to catch this tiny seed for less waste. Use a finch feeder with small ports or a finch sock for them to cling on! Nyjer is also called Thistle however the Thistle is technically a different plant. Finches will feed on thistle and use thistledown to construct their nests.