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Wild Bird Food - Straight Seed

Valley Farms Cracked Corn Wild Bird Food

Valley Farms Cracked Corn Wild Bird Food

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Cracked Corn is consumed by many larger birds however some smaller ones also readily feed on this classic wild bird food. California quail, ducks, wild turkeys are some of the larger ones that like cracked corn. Juncos and sparrow will also eat it all the time. Cracked corn is high in protein and fiber, making it a great choice for daily use and year 'round feeding for birds. It can also be kept in storage for longer than other feed since it's so dry. We keep the dust down and offer a superior cleaned product. This product is a great supplemental snack type of food if you want to treat birds to something new. Squirrels and chipmunk also love this food so get ready for some action out there!
Feeding large birds is fun with this energy packed snack! Small sized wild birds like sparrows and junco will eat it too! Cracked corn is a classic farm feed that provides wildlife great fiber and protein for their demanding dietary needs. Feed this in a feeder or throw it to the geese and ducks as bread is not good for birds! Made in the USA, Family Owned & Operated Company.






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