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   Valley Farms Shop provides premium quality natural wild bird foods, information about birding and wildlife awareness online.

Our aim is to help bird lovers everywhere enhance their experience of songbird & wildlife activity in any season.

We need to love our birds and promote their survival as a key factor to the health of our environment.

About Us:

Since 1983, the Valley Farms® brand has been on the shelves of small garden shops and pet food stores around the New York Hudson Valley region and other areas in the northeast United States. 

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We are a family run business which is made possible today thanks to our grandfathers' immigration from Europe. His gardening joy and expertise came along with him. In those days, he started a garden center called Farmer Jones that he purchased from Arthur Jones in Rockland County, NY. At that time, the local NY state landscape was rural farmland.

Valley Farms history farmer jones garden center bird food

In those days, you would have found bird food in the pet food section of a garden shop. 

Today, we offer our unique selection of wild bird foods directly to your doorstep as a direct-to-consumer, small-batch manufacturer.

We are also interested in further promoting the prosperity of wild birds in their own habitat as well as coexisting with ours.

With many opportunities to enjoy nature in our country, we thank all of our customers and supporters for selecting our family-dedicated brand.

We delight in bringing our services to you and our goal is to exceed your expectations in every area of your wild birding experience.

Call us toll free: 844-420-9484
Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm EST 9am -5pm EST
For best results keep bird feeding stations filled and position them in a safe environment with protective shrubbery or a wooded area free from cats and hiding options from predators like hawks or foxes.
Inviting birds to bird baths near the feeders may also help attract repeat bird visitors. These conditions will help your backyard friends understand they can rely on your area.
Valley Farms® wild bird foods optimal storage condition are in a cool, dry place, protected from direct sunlight. Storage in water proof, air tight containers will extend the freshness of this product. Made in the USA.
All seed and seed mixes naturally cleaned & packaged in a safe, clean facility that also processes peanuts and tree nuts. Some product may contain residual allergens.
God Bless You All,
Valley Farms Bird, Inc.
PO Box 140 Walden, NY 12586