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Peanut Blend Suet Plus 12-Pack by ST. ALBANS BAY

Peanut Blend Suet Plus 12-Pack by ST. ALBANS BAY

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Suet Plus Cakes - Peanut Blend - 12 pack
Suet Cakes - Premium mixes to attract the most songbirds; superior melt-resistant formula; candy-bar packaging - easy to tear open, no scissors or knives needed; eliminates greasy handling mess; 80% less packaging by weight than suet in a tray; 100% recyclable packaging; 11 oz suet cakes.


  • Includes 12 delicious suet cakes for your feathered neighbors—for use with all suet feeders.
  • Melt-resistant recipe helps these snacks keep their shape, even in the heat.
  • Easy-open packaging requires no scissors and eliminates the greasy handling mess.
  • Attracts a variety of your tree-clinging and perching feathered friends.
  • Environmentally friendly packaging is recyclable.
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