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Aspen Song: Sparrow Resistant Bluebird Nest / Bird House

Aspen Song: Sparrow Resistant Bluebird Nest / Bird House

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House Sparrow-Resistant Design
Your goal is to provide a safe environment for Bluebirds to breed and take measures to prevent House Sparrows from taking over and breeding in your nest boxes. House sparrows love to build a bulky nest over top of their nest and entrance. This compact house does not give them room enough to do so.

Slot Design Helps Protect Bluebirds
The enlongated, narrow slot (1½” x 3½”) provides an escape route for Bluebirds and Tree Swal­lows if attacked by House Sparrows. The intruder can’t block the slot as easily as a small, round hole, and allows the birds to exit to safety. Thus it saves many adult birds' lives.

Interior Angled Block Minimizes Room In The Dwelling
This angled wood block simply takes up extra cubic area within the nestbox that Sparrows would desire, but Bluebirds and Swallows don’t need. The intruder then sees there is not room enough for him to nest, so he usually leaves the young Bluebirds and Tree Swallows alone.

Pull-Out Tray
The feature of a removable, pull-out tray, allows for a convenient method for beginning, middle and end of season clean-outs.  Easy to remove for any repairs or replacement in case of damage. Fill with sawdust to create an inviting nesting spot for Bluebirds or Tree Swallows.

Additional Features:
Handcrafted in USA of ¾” thick wood provides years of use!
Door tilts open from top to allow views without danger of young falling out
Metal lock protects young from intruders - non-corrosive metal won’t rust.
Ventilation openings at the bottom of the cavity keep the interior cool and drain away moisture.

Tips For Successful Bluebird Nesting
An overhanging roof protects the interior from rain, and the front panel opens downward for maintenance and nest checks.
Place the nest box on a pole 4-6’ from the ground. Position the nest box so that the entrance hole is facing east and towards open habitat.
Always place multiple bluebird houses (or nestboxes) at least 300 ft apart.  Never closer than 300 ft!
Clean out old nests as soon as a brood fledges so that the nest box can be used for a second nest attempt.
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