Valley Farms Cardinal Mix Wild Bird Food

Valley Farms® Cardinal Mix Wild Bird Food

Available in 3lb or 10lb quantities

This product is a mix of ingredients.

Here we present a brief overview of the ingredients:

Striped & Black Oil Sunflower Seed:

These are the seed of choice when it comes to wild bird food preference. A majority of birds will feed on the sunflower seed with it’s high fat, protein, and nutrient content.

Black oil sunflower seeds are somewhat plumper than the striped version, have more oil and more caloric value.

Both of these versions of sunflower are readily eaten by most wild birds. With a thinner shell, smaller birds can easily open the Black Oil version as compared to the striped sunflower seed.


You might know buckwheat from cereals we typically eat or as crop cover for fallow fields which means cultivated land that is allowed to lie idle during the growing season.

For Cardinals, it has been seen that although oats and millet are sometimes used, buckwheat is a clear favorite.

Safflower Seed:

The safflower is a white colored seed with a tough shell. Cardinal really enjoy it and have no problem feeding on it.

Doves, chickadees and grosbeaks also love this hearty seed, just to name a few species.


Feeding Cardinals:

For best results with Cardinals place feeders near some hedges or shrubs, this way the Cardinal will feel safer in this more enclosed territory as the bushes will provide them shelter if they feel threatened.

The Cardinal has been seen eating from open tray feeders, tube feeders and straight from the ground given proper surroundings as mentioned above.




 Birds that feed on Valley Farms® seed may include:


Evening Grosbeaks

Rose Breasted Grosbeaks




Pine Siskin


House Finch

Purple Finch

Mourning Dove

Indigo Bunting

Song Sparrow

Dark-Eyed Juncos



On occasion woodpeckers could be been seen feeding on this mix.


All seasons are suitable for this wild bird feed with a slightly lesser consumption during the late summer & early autumn period because wildflowers offer more seed during this period naturally.


Ingredients: Striped Sunflower, Black Oil Sunflower, BuckWheat, Safflower Seed,

Crude Protein: 15% min.    Crude Fat: 35% min.   Crude Fiber: 25% max.

Vacuum Cleaned for minimal dust residue.

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