Aspen Song: Bluebird Mealworm Feeder

Designed especially for bluebirds and provides a safe environment 
to access mealworms or other treats.

Dimensions - 9.5” high x 10” deep x 7” wide.
Handcrafted in USA of ¾” thick wood provides years of use! 
1.5” entrance holes on each end ideal for bluebirds, but keeps others from stealing mealworms.
Poly-coated mesh on each side allows airflow to keep the mealworms fresh and allows for easy viewing of the bluebirds - easily slides out for cleaning.
Mount on a post or pole or use the sisal rope for hanging.
Roof pivots open on sisal rope for easy filling and cleaning.
Plenty of space for mealworms, suet, fruit, or cups of jelly.
Information on Eastern Bluebirds are included on the back of the label (see images for details)