Wild Bird Feeding in Autumn Months

Wild Bird Feeding in Autumn Months

Swings in temperature to the downside during this fall period are setting us up for some colder winter months ahead. Here is why bird feeding is important to help our wild birds this fall and into the frost to come.

To reap the benefits of attracting wild birds to your backyard feeding stations, this autumn is key as some season movements are getting underway. After a robust period of foraging for natural seeds in their habits, fall represents the time for those regular seed supplies to decline. That’s where we can fill the gap and provide a needed, consistent wellspring of bird foods to help birds we love to see thrive.  

  1. Wild Birds need high fat and energy sources. Foods now get them prepare for frigid temperatures which can help them keep decent fat levels to sustain good health despite the coming cold.
  2. This fat and energy also benefits those that migrate as the journey is super long.
  3. Bird that make pit-stops will enjoy your food as they zip through your area on migration trips.
  4. This is the time that winter birds can establish their own territory so you can be the first to provide them a reason to stick around your house this winter.
  5. Birds will also remember you as a secure place to get food for spring so you can get them early to recognize feeding spots.

Studying wild birds has shown a healthier population is the one that has the best food sources throughout the year. Keep this in mind as you feed them this fall and winter. You’ll be helping our struggling birds while keeping the strong ones going as well.


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