How Birdsong Can Benefit Your Mental Health

How Birdsong Can Benefit Your Mental Health

by Elinor Cohen

Looking to boost your mood? Try listening to the birds!

With the overload of information we have at our fingertips these days, it can be hard to find a moment truly all to yourself. Whether it’s a text from a friend or a work email, it seems we’re always “on.” This can lead to overstimulation, which may be overwhelming for some. If you’re searching for a simple yet effective way to check back in with yourself, nature, and your surroundings, turning to the birds may be the way to go.

Most people can agree on the universal appeal of hearing the sweet sounds of bird calls. Often gentle, high-pitched, delicate, and bright, birdsongs can be uplifting, soothing, and peaceful. Yes, bird songs are a lovely byproduct of having them nearby, but there’s more to it than that. As it turns out, there’s actual science behind these sounds that connects them to improved mental health.  

The online journal Scientific Reports released two studies in 2022 that highlighted the mental health benefits of listening to bird songs. The research explored the impact exposure to birdsong may have on wellbeing. This research was further corroborated by The Washington Post, which released its own findings on the birdsong’s connection to mental health and overall wellbeing.

Studying the Studies

Over the course of several months, participants were exposed to recorded bird songs that were played as they engaged in several low-stress activities. These activities included meditation, targeted relaxation exercises, and walking in nature. The intention was to see how these already stress-reducing activities were further enhanced with the addition of birdsong. Researchers studied participants’ stress levels, moods, and overall psychological states. 

The Findings: Birdsong, Stress Relief, and So Much More

The results were quite impressive. The studies go in depth about the benefits of listening to birdsong, including their impact on anxiety, paranoia, and other mental health conditions, but there were also some general conclusions that could be applied on a large scale. These included:

Lower stress levels. Participants reported feeling calmer and more relaxed.

Better moods, with individuals feeling generally happier and experiencing increased feelings of joy.

Improved cognition, which presented as stronger focus and a better ability to pay attention.

These findings were derived when compared to the same activities absent of birdsong. What is so promising is that if all of this came from recorded bird songs, we can only assume that listening to them live would deliver these results tenfold! 

How You Can Use Birdsong to Benefit Your Own Mental Health

You don’t have to be part of a scientific study to reap the benefits of birdsong. Here are some easy tips for incorporating the sweet sounds of songbirds into your life:

Spend time in nature in areas where birds frequent. Seek out specific bird watching spots near where you live.  

Build your own bird sanctuary in your backyard.

Put out a birdfeeder and fill it with clean bird food to encourage birds to visit your yard.

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Be still and observe wild birds up close!

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