A squirrel about to crack down on a nut about the size of his head lol. Let's enjoy God's beloved nature!

These infamous little guys at Your Bird Feeder?

With the arrival of spring, the air is filled with birds' melodious songs, their vibrant breeding season colors adding a touch of magic to the outdoors. Adorable baby birds chirp and take their first flights.

Spring also brings a host of other critters, each with its unique charm. At Valley Farms, we think its time to show so them some appreciation!


This is the Valley Farms team's list of their favorite springtime animal sightings


1. Chipmunks

While you may view squirrels and chipmunks may be trouble-makers in your garden, I don't think anyone can deny how cute they are! Playful chipmunks zoom about, wrestling one another and stuffing their cheeks full of delicious seeds and nuts. In his free time, Peter Truffa (CEO of Valley Farms) is able to feed hand feed chipmunks on his patio. "You must be still and patient, of course."

Check out this adorable chipmunk photo he snapped:

Safflower is the birder's biggest secret for keeping the squirrels off bird feeders, but sprinkle some on your porch or patio to see little chipmunks stopping by for a snack. They love it!


2. Deer

It’s likely you see deer passing through your backyard at all times during the year, but during the spring, new members of their family are born. This year it seems like the babies are everywhere around the Valley Farms office!

With their wobbly legs and little white spots, baby deer or fawns stick close by their mother's side all season.  Isn’t this picture I took just precious?

It won't be long before they leap about and look around for seeds and nuts to snag from your bird feeder, just like mom.


3. Ground Hogs/Woodchucks

No animal causes garden destruction quite like woodchucks! They dig burrow systems 2-6 feet deep and up to 50 feet long and can move about 3 tons of dirt while creating them.

Did you know that woodchucks are the largest member of the squirrel family? In March and April, you may see woodchuck moms with litters of 4-6. We currently have 6 roudy groundhogs outside the office…😳

Check out this video that I caught:

4. Bears

During the Spring in the Northeast, the bears are out in troves. While you don't want to get close, they are brilliant! Black bears in the Adirondack region in NY have been observed learning to open bear-proof canisters that hikers use. They will eat just about everything, including your precious bird food.

If you hear about any bear sightings in your area, take your bird feeders in the house at night. More than one of the feeders near the Valley Farms office has been bitten or destroyed by these hungry giants. 

6. Foxes

Foxes are known for their beautiful red fur and bushy tails, but during the springtime, they become even more captivating with the arrival of their adorable babies, called kits.

These fluffy and playful little ones bring an extra charm to the outdoors as they explore their surroundings under the watchful eye of their attentive parents. Fox families can often be spotted during the early morning or late evening, making for a heartwarming sight for anyone lucky enough to witness these graceful creatures in their natural habitat.

While we didn’t have time to get a picture, the Valley Farms team saw a litter of about seven kits. How could we not add it to our list of favorite springtime sightings?

5. Squirrels

We saved the most controversial critter for last. Some people love watching acrobatic squirrels perform feats of nature just to get a few peanuts. Others cannot stand putting birdseed out, only for a couple of squirrels to gobble it all up. These guys can be hilarious!

I compiled a video of some of the funniest squirrel moments at the Valley Farms office. Check it out here: 

Visit our TikTok @birdfoodcafe for more birding content like this.



If you're a nature enthusiast or simply trying to keep these critters away from your bird feeder, Valley Farms has a solution.

Our Squirrel and Wildlife Mix is always fresh, clean, and made right here in the USA. It's packed with peanut kernels, whole peanuts, black oil sunflower seeds, whole corn, and whole pumpkin seeds, all designed to attract and delight your backyard critters! (Some birds will love it too)

If you are attempting to keep the squirrels away from your feeder, we recommend placing it in a tree feeder, like the one above. This will keep the squirrels satisfied to stay in the trees. 

And if they do make an appearance at the feeding stations, we welcome them.

They are an integral part of the eco-system that all wildlife rely on like a cycle.

We attempt to control nature, which is fine. But sometimes it's a bit too much in my opinion.

There are some options for squirrel-proof feeders that an really baffle and stop them in their tracks.

Currently we use NATURE'S WAY SQUIRREL PROOF and this Droll Yankee SQUIRREL BUSTER MINI:

 For more information, please contact us.

Best wishes,

Valley Farms

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