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Wild Bird Food - Straight Seed

Valley Farms Safflower Seed Wild Bird Food

Valley Farms Safflower Seed Wild Bird Food

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The Safflower is a unique seed for wild bird feeding. It has been observed that many wild birds will adapt to the texture and taste of Safflower, not just Cardinals and Grosbeaks. Squirrels, grackle, and other larger wild birds tend to dislike this seed quite a bit. For this reason, people will use it if the squirrels have been invading the feeders lately. It does have a soft type shell but birds can quickly negotiate an opening to get at the fresh, plump kernel inside. Chickadee, Finches, Titmice, Nuthatches, Woodpeckers, and especially Northern Cardinals will feed on Safflower. So give it a try or choose a Valley Farms mix with this special and underrated seed included in the ingredients! Bird feeding requires patience and this could be the key for a new experience using Safflower seed. 

Did you know?
  • Squirrels DO NOT usually like Safflower Seed
  • Some larger birds do not eat Safflower Seed like Grackles, Blackbirds, and European Starlings
  • Grosbeaks and Cardinals prefer this seed

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