Valley Farms Bird News

All About the Pine Siskin

April 25, 2022

We recently did an expose on the American Goldfinch, which is a perfect lead-in to the Pine Siskin, the goldfinch in disguise! Similar in looks but unique in attitude and behavior, Pine Siskins are tiny members of the finch family.  The Spinus Pinus and American Goldfinch often get mistaken for...

All About the American Goldfinch

April 21, 2022

by Elinor Cohen   Gold, bold, and beautiful, the American Goldfinch may be in your backyard! On the heels of our most recent discussion of the greenfinch comes the bold and beautiful American goldfinch! Small and migratory but bursting with personality, the American goldfinch is one of North America’s most...

Talking About Juncos AKA Snowbirds!

March 22, 2022

Spring May Be Here, but We’re Talking About Snowbirds! Learn About Juncos with Valley Farms® Varied and vibrant, Juncos are distinct members of the sparrow family. Unlike other sparrows, however, Juncos tend to fly straight into treetops instead of going for thickets or brush piles like their counterparts.  There are...