Valley Farms 2022 Wild Bird Calendar by The Maslowski Brothers

This Valley Farms branded 2022 spiral calendar features full color photos of birds in nature taken by renowned photographer brothers Dave and Steve Maslowski. We love their awesome bird photos and we're positive you will too!

The eye catching photos will be the center of every room. The vertically hanging calendar is spiral-bound and is made from recycled, durable, high gloss paper stock. 

You can even scan the front cover for an animated preview of the calendar images with a simple PixAction app on your smartphone.

We hope you enjoy the high resolution images of your favorite birds!

This calendar will definitely make a great gift for any wildlife lover!

Birds Featured:

  • January:¬†Nothern Cardinal
  • Febuary:¬†Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker
  • March:¬†Orchard Oriole
  • April:¬†Indigo Bunting
  • May:¬†Blackburnian Warbler
  • June:¬†Dickcissel
  • July:¬†Northern Parula
  • August:¬†Cedar Waxwing
  • September: Black-headed Grosbeak
  • October: Pam Warbler
  • November: Mountain Chickadee
  • December: White-breated Nuthatch
Valley Farms is wishing you a great 2022!