DROLL YANKEE: Onyx Clever Clean® 12" Finch Magnet Feeder

Onyx Clever Clean® 12 in Finch Magnet Feeder

The world's cleanest feeders just got cleaner! This elegant and innovative feeder comes with a removable base that comes apart and reassembles in seconds for the fastest clean ever. A convenient one-touch opening allows the feeder to be filled with one hand even when hanging. The newly added seed tray attracts a greater variety of birds. The black powder-coated 12 in. metal tube is rust-resistant and provides a high contrasting background for feeding bright yellow finches.

Patented magnet mesh design is proven to attract up to double the number of birds than any other mesh on the market; diamond-shaped openings fit birds' beaks better than traditional screen mesh. The mesh mimics nature and allows for the birds to pull seed out just as they would from a flower in the garden.

The Onyx Clever Clean is recommended for use with Nyjer Seed ONLY.

Made in the USA and backed by the Droll Yankees Lifetime Warranty against squirrel damage.

Capacity - Approximately 1lb