Nature's Way: Bluebird & Oriole Buffet Bird Feeder

Nature's Way Bluebird Buffet allows you to simultaneously feed a combination of mealworms or seed and fruit or suet options to serve up a variety for your birds!  
This feeder comes with a clear protective baffle that can be assembled to the hanger to better shield the feeder from weather while maintaining optimal bird viewing. A continuous ring allows for optimal perching space for multiple birds.

    To attract Orioles: Try filling the bowl with sugerless all natural grape jelly and adorning the sides with orange slices. 

    To attract Bluebirds: Fill the bowl with mealworm and hang apple or suet balls.

    Additionally, you could attract Wren, Robins, or various other birds. 

    Dimensions: 9.6"H x 8.24"W x 8.24"D
    Weight:  0.5 lbs