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Wild Bird Food - Straight Seed

Valley Farms Peanut Kernels Wild Bird Food

Valley Farms Peanut Kernels Wild Bird Food

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Valley Farms offers a clean, fresh Peanut Kernel product gauranteed to provide bird watchers many return visits to their outdoor habitats. Peanuts are high in fat, and a fantastic source of energy and calories for the demands of wild birds rapid flight. Small birds like the Chickadee will chip away at them. Finches and super small-billed wild birds won't usually be able to negotiate peanut kernels let alone peanuts in shells. An extremely nutritional snack that birds will continue to love, this is it! Blue Jays will gobble them up and these birds are great for keeping a watchful eye out for predators such as hawks! Small birds like the Junco have been seen consuming peanut kernels. The Mexican Cardinal (Pyrrhuloxia), Woodpeckers and Titmice will be some of the cool birds coming to feed on Valley Farms Peanut Kernels!

  • No Mess Or Waste with this super clean Peanut Kernel! Many birds love this nutritional snack throughout the day. Nuthatch, Tufted Titmouse, Chickadee, Blue Jay & Woodpeckers readily eat Peanut Kernels. Use most normal sized feeders, try a mesh feeder to prevent squirrel raids! Platform feeding and ground feeding will also attract Deer.

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